$20 - Compact Disc: The Music of Middle-Earth, Vol. 2
plus Postage and Handling (for each CD ordered):

 First Class:

$2.00 in the U.S.

Airmail Letter-Post:

$2.35 in Canada
$2.95 in Mexico

Airmail Letter-Post

$5.30, Europe
$5.05, Western Hemisphere
$5.80, Asia and Pacific Rim
$5.05, Africa

Texas Residents: Add $1.65 Sales Tax

Check or money order must be in U.S. dollars and payable at a bank in the U.S.

Note to European Customers: This CD can also be ordered from the Tolkien Shop in Leiden, The Netherlands.

To pay with MasterCard or Visa click on the appropriate regional PayPal button for the CD desired and follow the directions on the screens.

CD: Music of Middle-Earth: From Khazad-dum to Gondor - $20 plus P&H

Texas $23.65 *

United States $22.00
Canada $22.35
Mexico $22.95
Europe $25.30
Latin America $25.05
Asia & Pacific $25.80
Africa $25.05

* Includes $1.65 Texas Sales Tax

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CD: Music of Middle-Earth: A
Musical Journey from the Shire to Gondor.
19 songs. 42 minutes. (2001) $20.

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Songbook: Music of Middle-Earth: A Musical Journey from Khazad-dum to Gondor. (2002) ISBN 0-9711270-1-8. 144 pages. $21.

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